A guide on mix clothing rules

mix printMixing prints and textures can prove tricky and frustrating, often resulting in wrong combinations. Nevertheless, with considerable practice and appropriate technique, you could achieve a great look.

This resource will prove invaluable by offering ideas and tricks on pairing prints and textures. One way to maintain a chic look with your prints is by picking colors from the same family. This does not imply that they have to be a similar shade.

Instead, have a central color palette or theme, which facilitates the blending of prints. Another tip involves size; an easy way to blend prints involves pairing big with small prints to maintain a visual appeal.

When mixing different textures, it is essential you apply creativity. Fabric texture can add a different outfit dimension.

Combining different textures and balanced colors and patterns will add interest while giving your outfit an edge. This guide on mix clothing rules will also reveal that you should match and mix prints according to textures and colors.

Remember, if you are wearing the same textures, you can have different prints and colors. Discover more mix clothing rules on the site.